BlackInSTEMEd Week 2020

Black In STEM Education Week is celebrated by engagement in daily themes. The following is a description of each theme.

Sunday 9/27 – #BlackInSTEMEdHomeRoom

  • Meet the organizers of Black In STEM Ed Week.
  • Introduce yourself to the community and share what you are excited to learn and experience during this week.
  • Join us as we reflect on the historical intersection of STEM and African culture.

Monday 9/28 –#BlackInScienceEd

  • Meet science educators.
  • Interact with the #BlackInSTEMEd community as we discuss how to honor the history of Blackness in STEM and support Black people in bringing their full selves into STEM spaces.

Tuesday 9/29 –#BlackInTechEd

  • Meet STEM technology educators.
  • Learn how technology is integrated in education, how it affects student learning, and about tech courses for students.

Wednesday 9/30 –#BlackInEngineeringEd

  • Learn about the field of engineering education, both research & practice at the K12 & higher ed level.
  • See examples of Black engineers that you can share with your students.
  • Learn about the contributions of Black engineering educators.

Thursday 10/1 –#BlackInMathEd

  • Learn about the trend of integrating social justice concepts into math education curriculum and practices. 
  • Meet some amazing Black math educators and researchers!

Friday 10/2 –#BlackInEdRealities

  • Learn about the effects systemic racism, disproportionate rates of discipline, & inequitable access to resources have on achievement of Black scholars & professionals.
  • Lend a voice by sharing your personal #BlackInEdRealities

Saturday 10/3 –#BlackInSTEMEdFutures 

  • Learn about work that is being done with Critical Race Theory, Afrofuturism, and math education.
  • Learn about individuals and organizations who are taking creative steps away from traditional STEM education.
  • Learn about different Afrofuturistic or STEM speculative fiction books.